Training center


Head of the Training Center o
f the PJSC UDP


Address: 9 Fanagoriyskaya st.

68600 Izmail

Тел. +380-952795348




The training center of the PJSC “UDP” based at the premises of Izmail nautical school and a training workshop of the Danube shipping company in 1989 is a separate business unit of the PJSC “Ukrainian Danube Shipping Company”.

The main task of the center is the qualified training of maritime and river fleet specialists for the PJSC UDP and other shipping companies pursuant to the requirements of the International convention (STCW — 78/95, SOLAS – 74/88, MARPOL — 73/78) of the Danube Commission.

The training center of the PJSC UDP is included in the safe fleet operation management system (corresponds to International Safety Management Code) and the quality management system (corresponds to national standard DSTU ISO 9001:2015).

The training center is staffed with highly-qualified personnel having a large experience of fleet work. It has a modern learning and teaching framework for training specialists of various fields at disposal.

SBU “Training Center” of the PJSC “UDP” provides the following training courses:

Name of the course (profession), International STCW Convention:

1. Training of the ship officers responsible for guarding ships (ship security officer).

2. Training and briefing on security issues for all the seafaring men.

3. Training of the seafaring men appointed for guarding the ship.

4. Operator of GMDSS with a general certificate (obtaining or confirmation of the recognition of qualification).

5. Navigation using radar, radar plotting and ARPA (operation level).

6. Navigation using radar, radar plotting and ARPA, teamwork on the bridge, search and rescue (operation level).

7. Basic training for conducting cargo operations on oil tankers and chemical carriers.

8. Training the crew for passenger ships.

9. Training of the ship officers and ratings responsible for cargo operations on the vessels carrying dangerous cargoes in bulk and in pack.

10. Familiarization, basic training and briefing on security issues for all the seafaring men.

11. Lifeboat coxswain (lifeboats, life-saving floats, duty boats which are not included in fast rescue boats).

12. Advanced fire-fighting.

13. Medical first aid.

14. Medical care on board.

Name of the course (profession), the course is conducted in accordance with the requirements of the Danube Commission:

1. Using radiolocator for inland waterways navigation, including the blind navigation.

2. Using radiotelephone for inland waterways navigation.

Name of the course (profession), technical and vocational education:

1. Able-bodied seaman.

2. Ordinary seaman.

3. Oiler.

4. Wiper.

In the course of training, a training vessel “Novyy Donbass” with simulator complexes “Fire Fighting”, “Water Control”, “Life-Saving Equipment”, “Fast Rescue Boat”, “Small Size Vessel” is used.

The practice facilities of the training center also include such trainers as: Navi-Trainer Professional 4000 for work with electronic charts by Transas Marine International Product; Navi – Trainer; Navi – Trainer Professional 4000 v.4.62; ship radar JMA – 606; VHF radiotelephone HOCOM Famita 500 VHF; ARPA radar training complex by Transas; GDMSS trainer by Transas Marine; TGS – 4100 v.6.2; real ship equipment by Sailor.

The simulator complex fully providing medical aid on board includes: using mannikins with a skillguide, skill training in medical first aid, using training models, skill training in administering medicinal substances and so on.

Following the results of training, the persons who have gained the understanding of program requirements obtain the documents of standard form, these are conventional certificates.