About us

The PJSC “Ukrainian Danube Shipping Company” was established in 1944 and is one of the largest shipping companies both in Ukraine and in the Danube region.

The unique character of our shipping company is that the PJSC UPD having maritime and river fleet at disposal as well as favourable location of the base port of Izmail and also Ukrainian ports of Reni and Ust-Dunaysk conduces to the creation of a transport hub, which promotes the international trade interests of Ukraine in the Danube countries and also in the Black, Azov and Mediterranean Sea countries.

As of today, the Ukrainian Danube shipping company possesses the river fleet in number 75 self-propelled vessels and 245 nonself-propelled vessels. The PJSC UDP operates the fleet of its foreign joint venture companies as well, amounting to 125 units of nonself-propelled fleet. Currently, the PJSC UDP maritime fleet consists of 7 vessels, including 6 dry cargo freighters of “Izmail” type with dead-weight capacity 4050 t and an oil products carrier m/v “Desna” with dead-weight capacity 3309 t. The PJSC UDP operates 4 comfortable river cruise ships as well; these are m/v “Ukraina”, m/v “Moldavia”, m/v “Dnipro” and m/v “Volga”.

The separate business units are also a part of the PJSC UDP: these are SBU “Kiliya Shipbuilding & Repair Yard”, SBU “Fleet maintenance base”, SBU “Backup Crew” and the Training center of the PJSC UDP.